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Technical support

Equipment Cloud-managed Services and Remote Monitoring

Equipment Cloud-managed Service

Boer’s equipment Cloud-managed Services and Remote Monitoring System applies modern Internet and communications technology to Cloud-managed businesses and enhances the feasibility and efficiency of their services. Through an intelligent electrical distribution remote motoring platform, information from the power distribution room, signals, and other operating data is transmitted to a central monitoring room. The central monitoring room implements all remote and centralized monitoring, covering entire service networks to guarantee security even under unattended conditions. The platform also provides 24-hour professional technician support to quickly handle issues such as failure and maintenance.

Demand overview

The Internet, IoT, and communications technologies continue to drive new breakthroughs in the power industry and accelerate the development of intelligent power distribution. Boer is applying these advanced technologies to enable centralized monitoring of power distribution rooms and to avoid electrical accidents and complications caused by disasters.


With over 30 years of experience and new Cloud and IoT technologies, Boer is one of the few companies to offer value-added solutions that guarantee customers’ power distribution equipment with reliable operation and professional maintenance. Additionally the Boer Cloud platform’s malfunction alerts, location, and resumption services provide customers with peace of mind. The platform also provides a scientific basis for energy analysis, optimization, and cost reductions.