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Intelligent Equipment

Intelligent Equipment

For over 30 years, Boer Power has been committed to the manufacture and research & development of quality electrical distribution equipment, building a trusted brand upon consistently introducing new and advanced technologies and collaborating with internationally renowned electrical appliance brands like Schneider, ABB, and Sydenham. Boer’s products and services cover the entire electricity distribution process, from electrical transformation and distribution substations, to final distribution. Currently Boer’s Intelligent Electrical Distribution System (iEDS) offers various low-voltage (“LV”) and middle-voltage (“MV”) electrical distribution equipment of 35kV and lower, including OKKEN、BLOKSET、PIX、MVNEX-HP、MNS、SM6、MVset、LVset、XGreen, and others.

Demand overview

Compared with traditional electrical distribution systems (“EDS”), the now widely used and promoted automated technology of iEDS Solutions provides customers with greater reliability and higher efficiency. By integrating modern Internet and communications technology, iEDS’s smart distribution systems are faster, more efficient, and dependable. 


While based on traditional electrical distribution, Bower Power’s intelligent iEDS Solutions make a substantial qualitative improvement in equipment surveillance and control, precise measurement and analysis of various operation parameters, early detection and intervention of errors, and fault notifications and position information, to comprehensively ensure safe and reliable use of electricity. Its intelligent features also create a solid foundation for energy conservation, power quality improvement, and overall enhancement of power management.