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Energy Management & Energy Saving

Energy Management & Energy Savi

In every business decision, Boer Power aims to uphold its corporate mission of “Practicing Efficient Energy Management to Protect and Improve the Environment.” The Company’s energy management and energy saving solutions achieve sustained efficiency through proactive management and control strategies that reduce energy consumption and cost.

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With the increasingly fierce market competition, operating costs have become of utmost importance for the survival and competitiveness of many companies, and energy expenditure usually accounts for a large portion of costs. The ability to visualise and understand a company’s energy consumption is vital to taking effective measures to save energy. Boer’s energy management and energy saving solutions are customized so that users’ energy expenditure, especially originally unknown energy consumption, is clearly presented. Boer’s data enables users to gain new insights on the best ways to improve energy savings.


Boer’s energy management and energy saving solutions are structured around field control, operation management, and corporate decision-making, clearly presenting all of an enterprise’s energy consumption information at all levels. Through collection and analysis of an enterprise’s energy consumption, Boer improves total energy usage.