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Real Estate

The quest for comfortable, safe and healthy environment and quality lifestyle has been increasingly demanding as the economy takes off and technologies flourishes, as a result, intelligent home which allows control of traditional home appliances via 3C technologies inevitably becomes necessity.


Prolonged air pollution problem (in particular PM2.5, a form of atmospheric particulates) as well as frequent electric and gas leakage incidents cause numerous casualties per year. Besides, everyone deserves to stepping into a home that is security and comfortable, however, in case of a theft, invaluable and important information will be gone and there will be very limited evidence provided to the police for investigation.


1. Boer’s HomeCare is a total intelligent home solution. It encompasses various modes such as safe, comfortable, health, and butler. 

2. The powerful central processing unit is capable in handling different types of sensors and intelligent devices, therefore, it is able to coordinate wide spectrum of home appliances.