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Medicine Introduction

Medicine Introduction

Health is the basic need of mankind along with food and warmth. Safe and stable operation of medical facility lies on a sound electricity supply system.


Uncertain numbers of medical staff and uncertainty of patients’ conditions cause unstable loading of medical equipment, therefore, the quality of electricity supply comes to be the top priority. It is also critical to maintain a well-operating electricity supply system during an upgrade or addition of new medical equipment. Further, increasing utility costs have been challenging the operating costs of hospitals, how to achieve the goals of to become low carbon and green hospitals through intelligent management of power supply systems is a question.


1 Boer’s smart cloud system provides real-time alerts, locates errors and breakdowns through collecting data and real-time monitoring to the power distribution equipment, and its automatic emergency responses may even alert the risks the systems are exposed to through the mega-data and expert analysis, so that maintenance work or system upgrade may be undergone prior to any malfunctions.

2The energy saving management function allows the control room to optimize and control the use of facilities such as air-conditioning and lighting and to oversee the use, quantity and distribution of medical equipment, so as to optimize the energy performance.  The centralized system also provides supporting data for the management of hospitals in decision-making.