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Power Grids

Power Grids

The construction of power grids is experiencing a three year flourishing period, as the national grid company plan to invest 380 billion into the grid construction.


The national grid company sets a three-year goal of the ratio of “Green solid insulation ring network cabinet”. This goal is expected to create demand of 150,000 new cabinets by 2016. Every kilowatt generator needs 16 set of RMU, therefore, it is expected that 600,000 set of new 10KV RMU will be demanded for every year.


1 Fire prevention internal curve design: Effectively protect operators’ safety. 

2 Optimized grounding method: a vacuum circuit breaker installed between grounding and earthing. When there’s an error in the grounding, the vacuum circuit breaker will cut off the entire circuit, so that the earthing will not be imparcted by the current. 

3 Personalized design: the operating panel is not higher than 1.2 m, and the cable is not higher than 650~700 mm, which are customized for Asian. This is a tiny step of localization of Sydenham.

4 Adoption of new-type silicon insulation materials: Prevention of insulation level declining caused by aging materials and the used materials constitutes less impact to the environment.