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Data Centers

Data Centers

This is the era of mega-data. Most everyone of us shops, manages personal finance, chats, reads the news online every day. The phenomenon creates enormous amount of data exchange which collection, transmission, exchange and handling lie on data centers.


For its vast dynamics, traditional electricity room no longer satisfies the needs for information technology purpose. Average speed of chip grows by 1x every 18 months, and the functioning of one whole unit is even faster, effective cooling becomes a critical issue. Meanwhile, significant amount of power is used on air-conditioning for data centers. It has imposed growing costs for companies which plan to build data centers.


1 Boer Power’s Data Center Electricity Supply Solution – “Data Aggregation for Green Data Center”. It divides the power equipment into micro-module, and installs air-conditioning in-between the modules, so as to reduce the demand of cooling system in highly dense power equipment units, and the PUE is reduced to 1.5. 

2 Each of the micro-module is equipped with independent fire hydrant, security, and USMS system. The entire facility can be tailor-made in the factory, and does not require any specification for the layout of the data centers, so that the construction period is significantly reduced.

3 “Data Aggregation for Green Data Center” can be installed in a building or in a container. Installation in a container is more adaptive to swift building plan and mobile electricity supply room.